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For Those That Are In Between

On my last day, (the day I was to put my belongings in a box) I was surprised to find a man on his cell phone in the space I’d been working in & I think he was equally surprised to see me because the door required a code to get in.

“Sorry, he said” I didn’t realize anyone was working up here.”

“Tomorrow there won’t be,” I said. “This is my last day.”

For Days with Long Nights

It’s not light OR darkness. It’s light AND darkness…And just as nature goes through a rebirth the human spirit goes through one as well. Slow down. Accept the invitation. Settle in to the reawakening of some forgotten magic. Be gentle with yourself this week and always, in all ways.

Setting No Intention. Is an Intention.

Here’s the thing; failing to set an intention is ALSO an intention and we receive in that space TOO but it can feel like things are being thrown at us, like we’re being tossed around. Like our deepest desires don’t matter. And that is GOOD because it helps us become clear about what it is we really desire and so the cycle begins again.