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Why I'll Wake Up Debt Free Tomorrow

Let's talk numbers. The transmission on my car went out. I'm talking out like...push on the gas and car stayed in one place kinda out. The estimate of the repair was the value of my car which was close to $6,000. Not a repair that was worth it to me. A few years ago I paid off over $30,000 in debt. That number included the note on the car that now needed repair.

How Taking a $15,000 Pay Cut Has Made Room For Possibilities

Risk has been calling me, fear has been inviting me and adventure has been waiting. I have reached the point where avoiding the opportunity to dive in to all that beckons me is crushing my spirit and it feels like parts of me are dying on a daily basis. It's a gut wrenching pain, coupled with parts of my heart collapsing while my mind asks, "What if?" and then replies with a quick, "Who do you think you are?" It's an excruciating place to function from and I can't take it any more.