The Gems Hidden in Criticism

At some point though you get to turn the gem, see it in a new light and ASK, “Is any of this actually true? Am I these words? Can I hold this critique simply for what it is - information - and use it to live into the part of me that desires to grow; to expand?”

Happy to be Angry

What does my anger from a previous relationship have to do with you? Odds are there is someone in your life that simply put “gets under your skin.” It may not be a former romantic partner for you; it may be an uncle or a cousin that you’ll be sitting at the table with over the holidays or a colleague that you wouldn’t miss if they skipped out on the next office meeting. Here are three questions that help me operate from the most grounded part of who I am when folks that hold the keys to my emotional triggers show up.

Work. Life. Balance.

When we tip this imaginary scale toward more life in our physical bodies and keep our thoughts at work then we haven’t balanced a thing. When our physical bodies are at work and all we can think about is the life we should be living then we are no longer aligned with the deepest part of who we are.

Today. Decide.

Witnessing the unfolding of my hearts desires, my decisions, has been a great source of Joy. One that has been multiplied exponentially because of the woman I get to co-create with and decide alongside.

Setting No Intention. Is an Intention.

Here’s the thing; failing to set an intention is ALSO an intention and we receive in that space TOO but it can feel like things are being thrown at us, like we’re being tossed around. Like our deepest desires don’t matter. And that is GOOD because it helps us become clear about what it is we really desire and so the cycle begins again.